You were one of the best things I’ve ever done. I’m coping with my extended family better and letting any negative attitudes wash over me.  Seeing you has made a huge difference to me and your strategies have worked as I have been able to work through challenges myself.  I have dropped 5 kilos and am really focused on looking after myself and feeling healthy.  Thank you so much Wendy

Christine Hough

Thank you Wendy.  You made me feel very comfortable to talk about my problems/situation. I have noticed that I am handling situations differently, more positively than before our sessions and I am feeling much more positive about myself.

Luke Treller

It is with great delight that I provide this letter of support for Wendy Kemp’s work within Cre8ing Momentum.

Wendy has significantly helped me to achieve clarity in my life and establish a more fulfilling roadmap for my future direction.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Wendy to anyone who is seeking a better, clearer way forward. She creates the ideal environment to allow you to remove limiting past obstacles and to create your clear future pathway.

She is extremely well organized and follows up punctually with any required planning for future action.

Thank you so very much Wendy.

Rob Granter

I have completed a positive thinking workshop with Wendy from Cre8ing Momentum and believe it is the best thing I could have done for myself in years.  I now have a better outlook at both home and work and a stronger bond with my family and friends. I feel not only happier within myself but with myself. She has given me tools to help me in my everyday life. Thanks to Wendy I am not only physically lighter & stronger but mentally lighter & stronger.

Nicole Allen

Thank you for the opportunity to do a complete personal breakthrough course with you.

I have found since completing it that I can see so clearly, decisions I need to make.

I have no guilt feelings about the smallest things that use to occupy my mind.

Any wants I have I can see how to achieve these.

I have a calmness about me that I hadn’t possessed before as you were able to clear my mind of emotions and problems that I didn’t even realise that I was carrying around with me.

I have no doubt that I now have the tools to achieve things in a realistic manner and time frame.

My thanks to you.

Jennifer Coswello

I felt very ‘stuck’. I had retired, and two and a half years on enjoying my retirement BUT…. I felt stuck.

Ailing parents, leaving my profession under circumstances I didn’t choose and many changes to my family dynamics, left me somewhat confused about my ‘place in space’.

I worked with Wendy on Limiting Beliefs, these were many and varied, and with her guidance,  developed Positive Learning’s. During the final session we developed goals for the future. It had been difficult to know where to start. but understanding the Liming Beliefs and embracing the Positive Learning’s helped to generate my goals.

Wendy’s manner was gentle and caring. I felt safe and comfortable in the sessions. And afterwards a great sense of achievement and belief that this was where I was meant to be.

I would highly recommend Cre8ing Momentum under Wendy’s guidance.

Finally, “Thank You” Wendy, I feel connected to my world and confident to go forward and embrace new challenges.

Judy Buckmaster

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