Welcome to the More Than a Mum Movement!

This movement is designed to empower and equip those mum’s wanting to live a positive life so they can change their own lives and share this positivity to change other’s lives around them.

As a group we can help each other to get clear about what it is we want to be doing right NOW and go out there and make a difference.  We can feel the elation of doing something that resonates with our inner core and leave a legacy of ourselves in this world!

I invite you, right now, to become a part of the More Than a Mum Movement, by reading the below rules and joining our group.

The 15 Rules of OUR Movement

Are you in?


We are a family

And we will live like a family.  We will respect each other’s contribution and be there to help guide each other through the tough times and the good times. We will be loyal to our family by keeping all private sharing’s within this group and we will build relationships by being honest, transparent and vulnerable.



We are mothers and therefore role models to our children.  We practice what we preach and love and respect ourselves.

It is no good telling our children to be confident and wishing they would have self-worth if we don’t demonstrate it in our everyday life.  We will role model the behavior we want to see in our children by being that person ourselves.



We share motherhood and thus know how huge a role this is.

We will stand up and be proud and confident knowing that we have done the best we could with the resources we had.



We let go to create flow

We work towards letting go of past negatives and limiting self-beliefs so that we can move forward positively and have a ripple effect on all those around us. We understand that we can’t have happiness and peace flowing into our lives whilst we are clutching onto negatives from the past.



We work at living in the now and creating what we want now

We focus on our current situation and get really clear about what we want in our lives.  This clarity will allow us to do the action we need to really live every moment with joy and purpose.



We say finito to failure and salute success

We have all failed at stuff in the past…..and we have learned from it.  We have all had many successes in the past and we have learned from them too.  From now on we take our positive learnings with us and celebrate our successes.



We will not let other’s judge us…we trust ourselves to make good decisions

Whilst we all want to be loved and respected by others it must come from inside us first.  You are unique, incredibly unique and you know what is best for you. There is no need to compete with anyone else in this world, just go out there and achieve what you want. You know how you want to live your life so trust your subconscious, your gut feeling and live the life that you want to create.



We believe in possibility.  The possibility to be more, do more and have more

This is your chance to be really open and honest with yourself.  If you can believe in possibility, then you can believe in anything.  Open your eyes, look in front of you.  You can be more of whatever you want to be, you can do more in this world than you are currently doing and you can certainly have more of what you want. Only you are stopping you.  Open the floodgates and let possibility in!



We allow ourselves to dream big and do big

Why are you here?  We all want to leave a legacy and as mothers we can be proud of the legacy we leave in our children.  But is that enough?  Shouldn’t we also be remembered for who we are and all the wonderful things we have done in this world?  This legacy starts with a BIG, HUMONGOUS dream.  We will all dream big and then do the massive action needed to achieve that dream.



We only speak about others positively.  We want all whom we contact to feel uplifted by knowing us.

As part of this community we respect that we are all different.  We embrace the differences within our community and learn from each other.  We help all members of our community feel loved, cherished and important by being transparent, vulnerable and authentic.



The family unit is sacred

We make it our responsibility to care for families in our community by looking out and supporting mums who are going through tough times.



We help grow and build our communities

We are responsible members of our community, leading by example.  We ensure that we smile, say hello to our neighbours and promote an uplifting, inclusive neighbourhood. We take responsibility for those who are struggling and strive to ensure that all get the opportunities they need



Our bodies are our temples and we will love and respect them

We will think of our bodies as sacred and will treat them with love. We will enjoy real food because we know it is important for our health and it makes us feel good. We will move our bodies because it keeps us young and healthy, lifts our mood and helps us to be motivated.



Our beauty is deep within and this is where we will shine from.

Whilst we take pride in our appearance we understand that our true beauty lies in our inner being.  It is the way we help others, the way we support and love those around us.  We will never judge a person by their cover, only look for the beauty within.



A balanced life is the key to really living

We strive to lead a peaceful, balanced life with minimal stress.  We say no to tasks that will overwhelm us and choose the tasks that are most important for our growth. We know that we are better mothers and better lovers when we nourish our souls. We take time out every day to focus on ourselves, do something that is fun, so we can renew our energy and love our lives.

These are the rules of our Movement

Are you in?

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